John E. Horan Garden Apartments Community Center

  • 07 Jul, 2015

Project Description

The MCRC Job Development and Related Adult Education Program at the John E. Horan Garden Community Center The comprehensive job development program at the John E. Horan Garden Apartments Learning Center is a designed to assist residents of the Horan Garden apartments and Bird Drive apartments to develop the skills and resources needed to secure adequate employment and assist residents with actual placement in employment positions.

PROGRAM SERVICES Employment Assessment – each participant completes an assessment that reviews his/her current life situation, resources currently in his/her life, and the goals and aspirations that are important to the program participant, to help develop a plan or roadmap to assist the participant in achieving his/her goals.

GED Classes -- basic adult education assessment and classes designed to help the individual complete his/her secondary education.

Job Placement/ Job Preparation -- our employment coordinator will offer classes related to resume develop, job interviewing, job preparation and meet with each program participant to assure progress toward employment. Additionally,work hardening opportunities will be made available through the MOSAICO temporary employment service, to allow program participants who have not worked in a while, to experience a work environment, engage the interview and application process and add work experience to his/her resume.

ESL Classes – classes designed to assist participants with improving their basic English language, verbal and comprehension (reading) skills.

Casework Support – A social case worker will engage with each participant to assure progress on the resident’s plan and assist with providing the supports needed to actively pursue the participant’s goals.

Career Development – assistance in identifying appropriate and meaningful career opportunities.

Computer Literacy – classes will assist the participant to develop the basic computer skills necessary for many of the employment opportunities available in Erie.

Adult Tutoring – all learners will be offered the opportunity to work with a mentor/tutor to assist them achieve in their learning goals.

College Preparation – participants interested in pursuing college-level study will be assisted with identifying post-secondary learning opportunities and developing a plan to engage higher education.